Uninstall Ad-aware

If you cannot uninstall Ad-aware using Control Panel -> Program and features (or Add/Remove Programs), Follow this:

  1. Make sure Ad-Aware is closed and for Plus & Pro versions shutdown Ad-Watch
  2. Start > Run > type services.msc > enter (You can open Run by pressing WinLogo key + R on keyboard).
  3. Find Lavasoft Ad-Aware Service
  4. check its status by right clicking on the service and clicking properties, if it’s running, stop it.
  5. Click Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs (Program and Features in Windows Vista / 7)
  6. Find Ad-Aware in the list and click on it
  7. Click uninstall
  8. After the uninstall is complete click finish

If an error is received during the uninstall process this typically means that the uninstaller has become corrupted and additional steps are needed to try to remove Ad-Aware. There are other options you can try. The purpose of option one and two below is to use the uninstallers in the downloaded program as a replacement for the damaged/missing uninstaller that is installed on your computer.

First Option

  1. Go to the download page for Ad-Aware, download Ad-aware setup to your desktop.
  2. Right click on the Ad-Aware Icon on your desktop and run it as an administrator or log in with administrator rights.
  3. When the install completes go to step 1 for the uninstall

Second option (Not Recommended)

  1. Restart your computer in safe-mode (How to use Safe Mode?)
  2. Open “My Computer” and locate your Lavasoft Ad-Aware folder (C:program fileslavasoftad-aware).
  3. Run the file “unregaaw.exe”.
  4. Restart your computer
  5. Go back to Lavasoft Ad-ware installation folder and Delete the Ad-Aware folder

There is a reason why the uninstaller is not functioning on your computer. Many third party programs such as CCleaner and other registry cleaner delete files that are needed for many programs, they are seen as unnecessary files. One way to check if Ad-Aware’s uninstaller is present on your computer is by clicking Start Menu>All Programs>Lavasoft>Ad-Aware. You will see several Ad-Aware programs in the list and the Uninstall Ad-Aware program at the bottom. If Ad-Aware’s Uninstaller is not there, then it is likely a third party application has deleted it. Third party applications can do as much harm as good if you do not properly monitor what files they are removing.

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