Compress and Extract files

Did you just receive e-mail with a Zip file attached to it, or did you just download a Zip file and don’t know what to do with it? This page explains the basics of Zip files and how to use them.These files are not always in .zip format and might be ,rar, .7z or… but usually people call them ZIP file because .zip format is most popular format of Archive files.

What are Zip files?

Zip files are single files, sometimes called “archives”, that contain one or more compressed files. Zip files make it easy to keep related files together and make transporting, e-mailing, downloading and storing data and software faster and more efficient. The Zip format is the most popular compression format used in the Windows environment.  

Why do people use Zip files?

Zip files compress data and therefore save time and space and make downloading software and transferring e-mail attachments faster. Typical uses for Zip files include:

  • Distributing files on the Internet: Only one download is required to obtain all related files, and file transfer is quicker because the archived files are compressed.
  • Sending a group of related files to an associate: When you distribute a collection of files as a single Zip file, you benefit from the file grouping as well as compression.
  • Saving disk space: If you have large files that are important but seldom used, such as large data files, simply compress the files into a Zip file and then unzip (or “extract”) them only when needed.

How do I open a Zip file?

After you have installed an archive manager program like 7-Zip or WinRAR, you can open them by double click over the Zip file. also popular programs like 7-Zip or WinRAR allow you to manage files by right click over them (to create Archive, Extract Archives, Open, Edit or…).  

How do I create a Zip file?

To create a new Zip file, after install 7-Zip or WinRAR, Right Click over file and choose Add to Archive, also you can open the archive manager program and create a new archive using the tools each one of the programs offer.  

Which archive manager do you recommend?

If you are looking for a freeware program you can download and install 7-Zip and if you are looking for a better program you can buy WinRAR. Learn more about 7-Zip Here.

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