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    If your browser is unstable or if it crash often or if it does not keep your settings like Search Engine / Home Page etc, Most likely you have some unwanted add-ons in your browser, Here is a tool that let you know about them and if you want, it will remove them for you, it’s a tiny program and does not required installation:

    Just run it and it will let you know what you must do.

    (It works for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome)

    Omid Farhang

    Here is avast post about their Browser Cleanup Tool:

    Avast Browser Cleanup at work

    Does this internet browser window look familiar to you?


    If so, you may be the victim of unwanted multiple browser toolbars. These browser add-ons have become a real problem in the last couple of years. Unfortunately, much free software nowadays comes with some unwanted add-ons; in most cases a so-called browser toolbar is installed. Many toolbars can be quite annoying because they:

      [*]Change your homepage and your search engine without you realizing it
      [*]Track your browsing activities and searches
      [*]Display annoying ads and manipulate search results
      [*]Take up a lot of space inside the browser
      [*]Are difficult or even impossible for the average user to fully uninstall[/list]

      It is especially for this last reason that avast! Browser Cleanup has been developed: To help our customers identify and get rid of unwanted browser toolbars and add-ons. It is integrated in avast! 8 and is also available as a stand-alone product on various download portals for use with friends without installed avast! Now, about 20 days after release of avast! Browser Cleanup, I think it’s time for a quick review of the results.

      Some statistics after 20 days of release

      Shortly after release I predicted that we would end up with about 100,000 different add-ons. Unfortunately I was wrong … totally wrong! Reality shows that I underestimated the scope of the issue. Twenty days after release of Browser Cleanup, our database shows …

      [*]More than 220,000 different browser add-ons for the three main browsers
      [*]More than 8,000 new add-ons per day
      [*]More than 74% of all add-ons have a bad or very bad rating from our user community
      [*]More than one third of all toolbars in our database are from only three companies[/list]
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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