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Opera Switches to WebKit and Chromium

2 minute read

After many years of dealing with site compatibility issues, Opera found the solution: it will switch from its proprietary rendering engine (Presto) to WebKit...

Rocking while driving

less than 1 minute read

Hey GuysI’ve been playing some random music from my favorite playlist to spend some time and I found these stuff perfect for rocking while driving! here we go!

Google updates all Chrome editions

2 minute read

h-online: Google has updated the Stable, Beta and Developer Channels of the desktop version of its Chrome browser with a number of bug fixes and improvements...

Narilam Worm manipulates databases in Iran

1 minute read

h-Online: Security firm Symantec has discovered a specialised worm called W32.Narilam that can compromise SQL databases. Symantec reports that the malware “s...

A day in my life

10 minute read

Ding diding diding ding… Mobile phone’s alarm wake me up, It’s 8 AM again and it’s not either Thursday or Friday otherwise he would let me sleep a bit more, ...