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Turscar ríomhphoist – Spam Email (in Irish)!

1 minute read

According to the 2002 Census of the Population, 42% of the population of Ireland has the ability to speak Irish. Irish has also had official and working lang...

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

1 minute read

It has come to our attention recently that a website is giving out instructions on how to use a low tech social engineering trick to view private Facebook pr...

FIFA World Cup Tickets Scams Available Now

1 minute read

We recently alerted our readers to spam campaigns using the H1N1 vaccination program to prompt recipients to open the mail. And we have frequently mentioned ...

Critical Adobe Flash Update

less than 1 minute read

It’s the second Tuesday of the month and there are important updates being released.


13 minute read

Matisyahu (born Matthew Paul Miller, June 30, 1979) is an American reggae musician. Known for blending traditional Jewish themes with Re...

Johnny Cash

34 minute read

Johnny Cash (born J. R. Cash; February 26, 1932 – September 12, 2003) was a Grammy Award-winning American country singer-songwriter. Cash is w...


29 minute read

Korn, occasionally typeset as KoЯn or KoRn, is an American rock band from Bakersfield, California, and is often credited with popularizing the nu met...

Kid Rock

24 minute read

Robert James Richie (born January 17, 1971 in Romeo, Michigan), known by his stage name Kid Rock, is an American musician and actor. He has sold ove...