The discography of the American Electronic musician Brian Transeau, known by his stage name of BT, consists of 6 studio albums, 3 compilation albums, 5 extended plays, 27 singles, 14 music videos, and 13 soundtracks.

Studio Albums

1995 Ima

  • Released: November 5
  • Label: Reprise Records
  • Singles: “Embracing the Future”, “Embracing the Sunshine”, “Nocturnal Transmission”, “Divinity”, “Loving You More”, “Quark”, “Tripping the Light Fantastic”, “Blue Skies”
bt - ima (1996)
1997 ESCM

  • Released: September 22
  • Label: Reprise, Perfecto Records
  • Singles: “Remember”, “Flaming June”, “Love, Peace and Grease”
1999 Movement in Still Life

  • Released: October 8
  • Label: Nettwerk
  • Singles: “Godspeed”, “Dreaming”, “The Hip Hop Phenomenon”, “Mercury and Solace”, “Namistai”, “Fibonacci Sequence”, “Never Gonna Come Back Down”, “Shame”, “Smartbomb”
2003 Emotional Technology

  • Released: August 5
  • Label: Nettwerk
  • Singles: “The Force of Gravity”, “Superfabulous”, “The Great Escape”, “Somnambulist”, “Love in the Time of Thieves”
2006 This Binary Universe

  • Released: August 29
  • Label: Binary Acoustics, DTS
2010 These Hopeful Machines

  • Released: February 2
  • Label: Binary Acoustics, Nettwerk

Compilation Albums

2001R&R (Rare & Remixed)

  • Released: October 23
  • Label: Nettwerk
BT - Rare and Remixed [R&R CD1]
200210 Years in the Life

  • Released: September 10
  • Label: Sire Records
2011These Humble Machines

  • Released: April 26
  • Label: Nettwerk

Remix Albums

Extended Plays

Complete Soundtracks


BT and Tommy Stinson - Catch and Release (Original Motion Picture Score) BT - Music from and Inspired by the Film Monster

Video Games


“Embracing the Future”Ima1993
“Embracing the Sunshine”Ima1993
“Nocturnal Transmission”Ima1994
“Loving You More”Ima1995
“Tripping the Light Fantastic”Ima1995
“Blue Skies”Ima1996
“Flaming June”ESCM1997
“Love, Peace and Grease”ESCM1997
“Godspeed”Movement in Still Life1998
“Dreaming”Movement in Still Life1999
“The Hip Hop Phenomenon”Movement in Still Life1999
“Mercury and Solace”Movement in Still Life1999
“Namistai”Movement in Still Life1999
“Fibonacci Sequence”Movement in Still Life2000
“Never Gonna Come Back Down”Movement in Still Life2000
“Shame”Movement in Still Life2000
“Smartbomb”Movement in Still Life2001
“Break on Through (To the Other Side)”non-album single2004
“The Force of Gravity”Emotional Technology2004
“Superfabulous”Emotional Technology2004
“The Great Escape”Emotional Technology2004
“Somnambulist (Simply Being Loved)”Emotional Technology2006
“Love in the Time of Thieves”Emotional Technology2006
“The Rose of Jericho”These Hopeful Machines2009
“Every Other Way”These Hopeful Machines2009
“Suddenly”These Hopeful Machines2010
“Forget Me”These Hopeful Machines2010
“The Emergency”These Hopeful Machines2010
“Le Nocturne De Lumiere”These Hopeful Machines2010
“Always”These Hopeful Machines2011
“In the Air”These Hopeful Machines2011

The Rose of Jericho - remixes part 2


Sample CDs

Music Videos


This Binary Universe

BT made seven music videos for each of the tracks off of his fifth studio album, This Binary Universe. Most of each of the videos is computer-animated, and each video lasts as long as the studio versions of each song, making them very lengthy. They can all be found on the DVD inside the physical release of This Binary Universe, and all of the videos were put onto iTunes not long after the release of the album. The track listing is:


  1. “All That Makes Us Human Continues” (8:16)
  2. “Dynamic Symmetry” (11:24)
  3. “The Internal Locus” (10:28)
  4. “1.618” (11:34)
  5. “See You On the Other Side” (14:24)
  6. “The Antikythera Mechanism” (10:06)
  7. “Good Morning Kaia” (8:12)

All songs released in 2006.