What is rogue security software?

Rogue security software is an application that appears to be beneficial from a security perspective but provides little or no security, generates erroneous alerts, or attempts to lure users into participating in fraudulent transactions. Some products defined as “rogue” simply fail to provide the reliable protection that a consumer paid for. Others are far more sinister, masquerading as legitimate security software, and using deceptive tactics to con users into buying the product.

Why do you need to know about rogues?
Unfortunately for computer users, the number of rogue security and anti-malware software, also commonly referred to as “scareware”, found online is rising at ever-increasing rates, blurring the lines between legitimate software and applications that put consumers in harm’s way. And that means that instead of purchasing a program to protect your PC, you may actually be playing into the hands of cyber scammers, falling for bogus software specifically designed to mislead you.

What can you do keep from falling for rogue programs?

Rogue Softwares List