If your computer is already infected or you are in doubt, first look at the Malware Removal Guide.

To help secure your computer against malware:

Build up your malware defenses

Install antivirus and antispyware programs from a trusted source

Use a safe browser with good extensions

Update software regularly

Cybercriminals are endlessly inventive in their efforts to exploit vulnerabilities in software, and many software companies work tirelessly to combat these threats. That is why you should:

Use strong passwords and keep them secret

Never turn off your firewall

A firewall puts a protective barrier between your computer and the Internet. Turning it off for even a minute increases the risk that your PC will be infected with malware. Learn more about Firewalls.

Use flash drives cautiously

Minimize the chance that you’ll infect your computer with malware:

[box type=”note”]It’s a better idea to disable Autoruns totally, You can do it using Auslogics BoostSpeed System Tweaks or System Advisors.[/box]

Don’t be tricked into downloading malware

Instead, follow this advice: