I’ve been bored

I've been bored today and playing random videos and this one made me smile, so I want to share with you :-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BhMD_k35gE Have a good times! -Omid

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Happy feelings

Hey! my friends! Finally my German language class is going to begin next month, long time waiting as they have been too busy, I think it took more than 4-5…

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I want / Ich Will !

I think being well known all over the world is not everything, sometimes I wish fewer people know but that smart group of people that know me, trust me, believe…

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Strings of my mind

I posted this without spell-check or grammar check, without review etc, just think and write and post:I think its not just me that sometimes get confused in his life, Don't know what…

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Life is beautiful!

Sorry about being late in updating my blog Finally… NO AMRY SERVICE FOR ME…. YAY! Last week I got reply from them that no army service for me, I’m so…

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