A day in my life

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Ding diding diding ding… Mobile phone’s alarm wake me up, It’s 8 AM again and it’s not either Thursday or Friday otherwise he would let me sleep a bit more, with closed eyes I look for the mobile beside my bed to find it and stop the alarm, I pick it up and drag that red button to stop the alarm, let’s take a look what happened in the last 4-5 hours that I’ve been sleeping, any text message or email? Hmmm, nothing important as expected just some social networks notifications and promotional email and no text message, what do I expect this early when during the day I get nothing?

I sit in my bed, no move for a few moments, like a computer which when you turn on you have to wait for it to boot up!, then stand up and plug my phone to charger, these new fancy phones run out of battery quickly, God bless the old one I had, at most I had to charge it once a week!!

Head to the bathroom, really there are no better place for us to start our day in? hmm, spend a few minutes in there for stuff and then going in front of window, wash the face and hand and stare in mirror a few second and think about what you have to do today, after a few moments I realize these bothersome hair, so called beard, are living on my face again, so I pick the razor and go fight them, kill ‘em all! They had not paid their rent to live on my face… Done! Leave the bathroom and back to my room

It’s about 8:30, open and pick my everyday meds, there are 6, Levothyroxine Sodium 0.1 mg, Atenolol 100, Triamterene-H, Allopurinol 100 mg, Atorvastatin 10, Piracetam 800, pick one from each and go to kitchen, open refrigerator and take the milk and look at its date to see if its expired or not, no it’s ok, close the refrigerator , look for a bowl, throw in some cereal in and add milk to it, take 2 of my meds that are for “before breakfast” and then eat my breakfast, done! It’s about 8:40AM now, now that breakfast is done it’s time to take the other 4 pills.

Back to my room and change clothes, put on my jean, check my keys and wallet and player, Key ring and player in right pocket, mobile in left and wallet in back, carry the headphone wire from my back and connect it to my player and then put on my t-shirt, ready to go.

It’s 8:45 AM Insert the headphone in my ears and turn on the player and pick a good music to start the day with some good energy, a good metal one works, yeah “Wayne Static – Assassins Of Youth”, start walking to bus station, and wait for bus, in a few seconds I see the red bus come, open the doors and I go in, ah, no place to sit, no problem I stand in front of window, after about 30 minutes I leave the bus, It’s 9:15AM now, I go and buy the newspaper, nothing new to read in them but it has become kind of addiction to waste this money every morning.

Throw the newspaper in my bag and start walking to the store, I know it should not take more than 10 minutes if I go with my everyday speed, about 6Km/h, yeah I see same faces as I see this time of day every day.

It’s 9:30AM and I’m in front of the shopping center where our store is in, turn off the player and help my headphones to leave my ear and back under my shirt. Go up from stairs and stay in front of store, open the door and turn on the lights and sit and read the newspaper I bought, yeah as I expected nothing exciting.

After a few minutes, near 10:00AM phone begun ringing, one after one, some are customer and some are creditor, answer them all and wait for a good customer with a big bag of money and make me rich! He has never come and I don’t think if he will! Our neighbor co-workers come and open their store too, one has his launch in his bag and other one come with newspaper and some other come with empty hands, I still read the newspaper and answer their “Hello” without looking at them because they shoot their hello while running, they won’t notice if I had looked at them or not!

It’s about 10:15 and my father arrives too, he seems like on the run as always for nothing, he pick the phone and start making calls…

Well, life at store goes on and on until 12:00AM, time to back to home for me, today I must go to my language school, Goethe Institute, pick my money for today and welcome back the headphones to ear, turn on player and back to bus station to back home, while sitting in the bus I send a text message to my favorite classmate to see when she will come to the institute today, hoping she will say she will come soon!

It’s about 12:45-1:00PM, open the door and try to guess today’s launch by smelling it, headphones back under shirt! Seems Headphone position is most important thing in my life. After greeting mom and getting today’s news from her I ask for launch, while the table is getting ready for me I come to my room and take a look on Facebook and my emails to see what I’ve to response to until I hear my mom calling “come for launch” I eat the launch and back to room check my bag to see if I’ve everything for language class ready.

Ok, time to leave home again, it’s around 2:00AM and my class is one hour away from home and my class begins on 4:00 but I go one hour early to spend some time with my classmates, especially with special one!

I go to bus station again, go with the bus to same station that I went this morning, but this time I won’t go to store, I go to other side of street and go underground, to Metro.

It’s 2:30PM and I wait for Metro to arrive, it does not take so long for metro to arrive, and I go in and look for a good spot to stand, I should stand about 25 minutes in there so I need a good place! After about 25 minutes I leave the metro and back to the street, I’ve 5-6 Minutes walking ahead until I reach the institute.

It’s 3:00PM and I’m in there, I look around to see if there are any familiar face around, anyone that I know or any of my classmates or my special classmate, nope, I’m alone! None of them are here yet so I sit there and watching the door to see who comes in and who goes out, after about 5 minutes she comes, makes me smile and feeling better, after about 20-30 minutes some other come one by one too, until 4:00PM most of them are here and yeah, some other comes a bit late, they have their own reason!

At 4:00PM we go to school waiting for our teacher, she comes in 5 minutes and start, as always I’m sitting on first chair, I like being close to the teacher, my other friend sit next to me and she sit other side of class in front of me.

Hopping our teacher won’t start with homework because I don’t like to read my text but she did, but good thing she did not ask me to read my text, 2 other read their text and our teacher got our texts to check later. Class is good for first few minutes but after a half hour I feel like my head is becoming hot and so does my ears and eyes, class is not boring so what’s the problem? I don’t know, in the last few minutes of class clocks start ticking out way more slowly! But anyway it’s now 5:30PM and finish! We are free again!

Me, my friend and my special classmate get together going back home, we share same way for going back home, metro, so we 3 start walking to metro and talk about everything, we get to metro and metro start, after a few minutes first one leave, my special classmate and then after about 5 minutes the next one leave too, my other friend, he need to change the metro because he goes to west and I go to east and after 3 stations I leave the metro too, I need to change it, I change the metro and once my friend leave I turn on player and welcome headphones to my ear, I need a good hard rock song, “Korn – Falling Away From Me”. After about 20 Minutes I leave the metro. I can go the rest from here to home with taxi or go walking. Taxi will be just 4-5 minutes and walking about 25 minutes, I like the current playlist (Static-x) in my player so I will go walking, I don’t want to stop the song. I see same stores and people as I do every day here. Same people doing their everyday routine, I pick my phone and start calling some friends, saying hi to old friends once a week and talking to each of them a few minutes.

It’s about 7:35-7:40PM and I’m near home, go to store and buy milk for tomorrow morning, head against home and after about 5 minutes I’m home. Open the door and start guessing the dinner! I go in and say Hi to mom and sister; I don’t see my father’s shoes so he is not home yet, good.

I put the milk in refrigerator and go to my room, throw the bag beside my computer table and change clothes to be more free, go to bathroom to wash hands and face and cool down a bit, back to kitchen to see what’s left from launch before dinner get ready! Nothing, bummer, well a cup of coffee helps too.

Back to my room with coffee and open my laptop and see what’s going on cyber world, plug my mobile to charger and via laptop take a look at Facebook, emails, forums, my blog comments etc. and say Hi to my online friends in messenger while I listen music, now without headphones!

After wasting some time on these stuff after about 1-2 hours father comes home and that mean its dinner time! I wait for dinner table to get prepared and then leave my room for dinner, I go a bit careful, because father is there and I don’t want to suddenly start yet another fight, for some weird reason whenever we get close it happens!

Finish the dinner quickly and back to my room, change the playlist from metal songs to something easier, maybe ‘Kirsty Hawkshaw’ or ‘BT’, spend some more time on Facebook and other social networks and talk to friends on the web and then look at my homework from class, finish them by copying from their answers sheet and then back on the web, time to write some blog posts, whether my TechBlog or write something about my life, depending on how I feel, heck! I go writing of my life, writing how I feel at the moment, and trying to don’t care how others will judge me and when they read it, throw a those nonsense words in a post and click on that damned ‘publish’ button which will make my nonsense words public, I don’t care what happens, It’s my own blog and I will write what I want and not what please others.

I play a bit more with my blog and watching stats and comments and responses I get until I get sleepy or I feel it’s getting late and I’ve to sleep, usually it happens between 2:00-3:00AM.

Time to bed, so go brush teeth , back to laptop and say Good night to online friends, close the laptop living it turned on and go to bed, checking my phone if everything is ok. Leave it behind bed, and start thinking, remembering whole day, what I did, who I met, what who said, what I’ve done, what others do, where I will be when, thinking why I had no luck with one I loved and explain myself that I’m born to be alone, thinking how I can make my life better and explain myself there are no better for me, explaining myself I should find a way to get used to my current situation, thinking how I could do what I want and a lot more until I sleep, sleep and sleep until next morning, Ding diding diding ding…, yet another day begin.

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