Disappear from world

1 minute read

You know, suicide is one of the stuff that I’ve always given a thumb-up to, but every person in this small world has their own reason to stay away from that, one may love his/her life and see no reason for doing that, good for them!, one may afraid of death, one may don’t afraid of death and care about what happens after their death and…

Those people who think about “What happens after I do this” are same people who wish they could disappear from world, thinking wish they could left without having an effect on anyone else, Thinking “Can my mother take it?” or “How my sister will become after hearing this” etc. and the person think wish he/she could leave with his/her memory, clean everyone’s mind from his/her memory so everyone could forget there was such person in this world and then person could left without any memory, it’s about solving his/her own problem not throwing it at someone else, or solve their own problem and give a larger group lots of other problem like depression or ruining their life…

Really why we all are THIS much related to each other, every move from one should have effect on this much other people that even you don’t be able to decide about your own life or death, why we should not be able to control what other people keep about us in their mind?

What are we doing in this world? Are we born to satisfy others in their life or we should have some choice and allowed to live our own life too? How much we should care about others or how much others care about us?

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