Unfortunately unforgettable sweet memories

I don’t know if I should be happy or sad, when I remember sweet and beautiful memories which were nice at the moment those days but now they are gone and remembering them hurts.

Yeah it’s kinda weird that why such good memories can hurt, people always look for having good time with good people but when time goes on remembering those good times can be hurting and so you wish you had not those good days to remember them later and hurt yourself, ‘unfortunately unforgettable sweet memories’.

The only thing I understand is what I feel, your forgotten memory and my everyday memories. What every time I sleep I think of, every time I dream I dream about. Where ever I go, whatever I do, everything has a memory of.

I never could understand how good memories can work for someone to make them happy years after, to me it’s something like feeling of losing, different than missing and therefore not a good feeling at all, when I remember those days I wish it never would happen and today I had no reason to…

Life goes on…

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  1. Omid Farhang

    Dear Omid, memories are bittersweet things. You should be happy that you lived through them and sad that they are over.

    Life does indeed go on….

  2. Omid Farhang
    Omid Farhang

    Yeah, It’s like what you say.
    Thanks for replying 🙂

  3. Omid Farhang
    Debbie Doglady

    I think that good memories are what sustain us when we are going through more difficult times.  Yes, it’s sad that they are over and one does have a sense of yearning, but, aren’t you glad they happened in the first place?  Wouldn’t your life have been worse without those experiences at the time?  Doesn’t the memory make you smile?  THAT’S what it’s all about, in my opinion.  Life goes on, regardless.

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