AVAST software blocked its services for embargoed countries

avastPetr Chocholous in response to Iranian users contacting avast saying they are unable to open website or update their antivirus said:

AVAST Software a.s. is currently blocking access to port 80 (that effectively means websites and updates of avast! software) of its servers from following countries: Iran, Sudan, Cuba, Syria, North Korea and Burma/Myanmar. AVAST Software a.s. [and its subsidiaries/sister companies] must not provide any services in these countries because of policies and regulations that are applicable to AVAST Software a.s.

Blog and forum are available, because we hope they are information source/personal communication service and because of this they have exclusion from these regulations.

We are sorry for any caused inconvenience.


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  1. Omid Farhang

    Shame … we are punished because of our stupid government ….  I don’t even like them … but the good thing
    avast is not the only antivirus in the world … well I am gona miss my 6 years
    using  AVAST … 

  2. Omid Farhang

    I think I will go for kaspersky  at less the Russian has no problem with Sudan
    plus it is really good antivirus  I was
    just stuck with avast because I use to it  and it provide the feature of boot time scan …
    it is hard to find on others products 

  3. Omid Farhang
    Omid Farhang

    If you want to move to a paid product, Norton is a good idea too 🙂

  4. Omid Farhang

    No I … Norton is American I will not going to pay for
    something that may stop any time without previous notification or any respect
    for the customer … don’t you agree ??

  5. Omid Farhang
    Omid Farhang

     Yes, it may happen, even though they already apply some limitation against embargoed countries.

  6. Omid Farhang

    Its very bad to know that. I have been using Avast since 2003. Before 1 month I noticed that update had stopped working. I thought there were some troubles in the network.
    However, I think there will never be a persuasive justification for blocking any country in the world.
    All Respect

  7. Omid Farhang

    Its very wrong to involve computer software into Politics.
    ( embargoed countries ) ?????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Omid Farhang
    Khalil Zeina

    I’m from Syria and I like using Avast internet security … Why this unfair block decision ???

  9. Omid Farhang

    why should people pay for their government problems ?
    if u want to block you can block antivirus for servers edition not for home use
    that will not effect any body but people
    its bullshit.

  10. Omid Farhang
    Bar Lar Lar

    Myanmar ko block tal hope lar. lee pae avast . ball pae kwar.

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