I’ve some new toys

HTC_Wildfire_S_Viewpoints-CHey Guys!

Last month has been a good one for me, I could get some new toys for myself and that’s good, I’ve not completed my todo list (or shopping list), but some important one is done.

Here is some of them:

  • A new phone: HTC Wildfire S, I like it, not a very powerful one but its doing the job I need, let me access my messenger and emails and also have my dropbox and evernote with myself.
  • A new multifunction printer: HP OfficeJet 4500 Wireless, it looks good, not a speedy printer or professional quality prints, but it connects wirelessly to my router and everyone at home can use it for scan/print/copy or fax.
  • A new external DVD-writer: Not best choice I had, but I did, a portable Samsung DVD-Writer, I think a non-portable could be a better choice, but now I’ve bought it and gonna see how it works!
  • A new USB Hub: D-Link 7-Port USB Hub, really these days 4 USB port is not enough and this one has been something essential for me, now I can connect all my stuff in same time! (music player, external hard drive, external DVD-RW, phone etc)

Yeah, those are some of the my new toys, but in the future I will be looking for a new monitor, an external sound card and some other gadgets, Do you have any suggestion which model and brand is best? Let me know!

Have fun guys!

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  1. Omid Farhang
    Debbie Doglady

    Glad that your new toys are making your computing life easier, Omid. ☺ No suggestions – you know more than me, LOL.

  2. Omid Farhang
    Omid Farhang

     I must Thank you for those stuff 🙂
    I would not have them without your help, believe it

  3. Omid Farhang

    Glad you are enjoying your new “toys”!

    I bought an E machine monitor, it works just fine, we have had very good luck with E machine stuff.

  4. Omid Farhang

    Hi Omid….I wish I had half the computer brain power you have!!!  🙂
    Have a great week.

  5. Omid Farhang
    Ryan Jacoby

    E machines?  Cheap off-brand of Gateway I believe.  I’d shy away.

    Go with an Asus, samsung, viewsonic or some other name brand, otherwise you’ll probably see it dead sooner than later.

    just my opinion though

  6. Omid Farhang
    Omid Farhang

    Yeah, I did a look up and you are right, first Gateway and now Acer

  7. Omid Farhang

    Happy you got new toys omid 🙂   cain’t give Opinion on choice as _ you are Lots more aware than me- lol 

    I will send you a  pm  message from MFF what I hope to do with your help on my CP
     🙂  Enjoy your toys, You deserve them:

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