Instagram Sign-Up Page Now Beckons Android Users

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android-instagram-275x171Mashable: The day when Android users will first lay hands on the red hot photo-sharing app Instagram just got even closer. Late Saturday, a sign-up page appeared on Instagram’s website, inviting all those of the Android persuasion to sign up to be notified when the app is first available for that OS.

The company still isn’t saying when the long-awaited Android Instagram app will actually become available. But now, at least those eager to try out the free app can take some sort of action that brings them closer to Instagram.

But what’s the big deal with Instagram, anyway? Why’s this so-far Apple-only app so heavily anticipated for the Android platform, even when there’s a plethora of Instagram alternatives already available? In my experience, it’s just plain fun. It’s almost like a game to try to create artistic photographs in this tiny medium, only available on one platform, in one size, and in one aspect ratio. There’s a huge horde of users already embracing Instagram, far exceeding the critical mass that would mark it as a social extravaganza. And it’s so easy and seamless to share with Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.

Technically, Instagram is not exactly groundbreaking. Its filters are not as expansive nor capable as you can get in other apps, but Instagram levels the playing field for everyone, functioning as a great equalizer for photographers spanning the spectrum from top professional to the rankest of amateurs.

Perhaps another reason Instagram has that cachet is because of its Apple iOS exclusivity. Will the port to Android take away some of the appeal of Instagram? Certainly not for Android users, but perhaps it will cause some Apple aficionados to turn their noses up slightly more than usual.

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