LibreOffice, Really?! Really?!

I’ve been reading from Mozilla Blog and I liked it and agree with that, so I share it with you:

I read an article on the Web somewhere that there was a new LibreOffice version. It’s been several years since I gave OpenOffice a try and I’ve been interested to see what OpenOffice had evolved into, so I thought, “Hey, maybe they’ve improved some. I’ll install it and see.” Here is what happened.


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  1. Omid Farhang
    Anthony Klune

    Good article forwarning of not yet matured free alternative to Microsoft Office & a competitor to Open Office Org. I was confused though. The opening line appears to indicate that this is an OpenOfficeOrg project where it seems it is not related to that Open source project. Can you clarify? By the way, I’ve been using OpenOffice org suite for some time & am quite happy with it except for when it comes to upgrading or simply downloading. The site alwaysd fails. Is this some deliberate attempt by say, Microsoft to make it hard for people to use open source Office solutions?

  2. Omid Farhang
    Omid Farhang is kinda dead now, original developers left it and joined LibreOffice, that’s why old users consider trying new updates to LibreOffice, as I did and experienced same what you see in above article, complicated web-site, not supporting latest JRE installation, problem in updates and format supports and and and…

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