You dislike it too: Sore Throat

I bet you dislike it when your throat hurts, when you have that damned feeling in your skin, when your nose become a useless meat on your face, when you become slightly weak and when your eyes get tired soon, after-all when you realize you have got cold or flu…

Yeah, above text is all about me and how I am now, finally those little virus(es) could welcome themselves to my body and have a party, those little unwanted guests!

What do you do in such Situation? I like to hear your ideas, Meet a doctor or self-treatment? If you do self-treatment what is that? Taking meds or natural stuff?

Personally I follow these (if no fever):

  1. Be patient, no solution will heal in a moment, flu will take at least 3 days and maximum 2 weeks.
  2. Taking more vitamin and mineral, I get them via pills (Take care to don’t overdoes).
  3. Drink lots of warm drinks, my favorite one is hot water + honey + lemon.
  4. Keep home environments humidity in a good level.
  5. Have less fried foods.
  6. Stay away from stuff with high histamine.
  7. Rest more!
I try to do that and usually I’ve got a good result without meeting a doctor, but if I’ve fever I will meet a doctor asap!
Take care my friends!

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  1. Omid Farhang

    Feel better soon Omid! Those are pretty good things to do. Fever can sometimes be good though, helps kill those bad germs, though it makes us feel terrible. Unless the fever goes too high, when taking aspirin, I don’t usually see the doctor, they usually just say take some aspirin to help keep it lower and do all of the things you already do. ♥ya..

  2. Omid Farhang

    Omid, your methods are the best there is. No matter what you take, the flu will take as long as it wants to take, to go away. We just have to ride the storm out. (Ooohhh, that would be a good name for a song, huh?)

  3. Omid Farhang
    Omid Farhang

    Billy, if you read my next post (part 2) you will see it did not work and end up in a major infection….

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