I want / Ich Will !

I think being well known all over the world is not everything, sometimes I wish fewer people know but that smart group of people that know me, trust me, believe me, hear me, believe me as a human not as a service or an object!It often happens that in a party when all people are talking about various topics, the only topic will talk to me is computer stuff, Yes computer is my favorite topic and I like it and I can talk about it for long time non-stop, but when someone know nothing about computer try talk to me about computer, it happens that I feel this is kind of a fake respect to me, they want to help me feel better in their meeting or party bla bla…

Another scenario is when I’m not in a meeting, I’m at home and my phone rings, ah! someone wants to say Hi and did not forget me!!, I answer the phone and after greeting I realize that yeah, again they have a computer problem and that’s the reason they remembered that there are a someone named Omid which they can say Hi!, Why don’t call me when they are happy or sad to share their happiness or let me help them when they are sad…?

I know that I’m not a very chatty or conversational human, but I can talk about things too, cannot I?
Now now, I’m not asking hey please talk to me! It’s not your fault! I’m asking what I’ve done that this happen? What problem you have noticed in me that cause people think of me like this? What’s the reason?
Is that because I’m usually silent?
Is that because I’m too cold?
Is that because I’m not friendly in a conversation?
Or…? Please tell me!

Have a good day!


English translation lyric:

I want – Rammstein
“Ich will” (German for I want)

With the english lyrics

I want

I want you to trust me
I want you to believe me
I want to feel your eyes on me
I want to control every heartbeat

I want to hear your voices
I want to disturb the peace
I want you to see me well
I want you to understand me

I want your fantasy
I want your energy
I want to see your hands
I want to go down in applause

Do you see me?
Do you understand me?
Do you feel me?
Do you hear me?
Can you hear me?
(We hear you)
Can you see me?
(We see you)
Can you feel me?
(We feel you)
I don’t understand you

I want

We want you to trust us
We want you to believe everything from us
We want to see your hands
We want to go down in applause – yeah

Can you hear me?
(We hear you)
Can you see me?
(We see you)
Can you feel me?
(We feel you)
I can’t hear you

Can you hear us?
(We hear you)
Can you see us?
(We see you)
Can you feel us?
(We feel you)
I can’t hear you

I want

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  1. Omid Farhang

    Its not you Omid! Its people being people 🙁

  2. Omid Farhang

    Great tune, Omid. I GOTTA crank it up! Heh heh heh. Thanks. I have a couple friends that seem to be in the same situation as you are, buddy. Two of them are auto mechanics, one is a plumber, and the other is a grounds keeper/gardener. They get the same calls like you do, and it pisses THEM off too. THEY all decided to be the ones who call the others, and have conversations with them, and it really has slowed down the calls that are only about your expertise. NOW they get more calls, just to say HI, and invitations to go out or to parties. Keep your head up, my friend, it’s not just you, and there’s nothing that YOU are doing wrong. It’s just that others don’t understand how their calls are recieved, when they only call for advice or help. Peace, brother.

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