Say Hello to the Samsung Nexus S

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nexus-s-back-225Mashable: If you didn’t think the Nexus S was real, perhaps these pictures of the purported device will convince you otherwise.

Kudos to Engadget, which was the first publication to get pictures of the mythical successor to the Nexus One. As we reported earlier today, the device is built by Samsung and has a lot of similarities to the Galaxy S Android phone.

According to multiple reports, the Nexus S runs Gingerbread (Android 2.3), sports a 4-inch AMOLED screen, sports a curved back, hosts a front-facing camera and will be available on T-Mobile. It’s expected to be announced at the same time as Google’s official Gingerbread announcement.

Once again, neither Google nor Samsung have confirmed the existence of this device, so while we’re pretty sure it’s real, there’s always the chance that this is a fake. Until someone confirms the Nexus S exists, here’s another picture of the device; Engadget has a full gallery if you want to see more.


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