New iPhone to Arrive in June [RUMOR]

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iphone-good-260 There has been widespread speculation about the release date of Apple’s next generation iPhone, including (yet another) report that the Verizon iPhone is finally coming this year. Now we have perhaps the most substantial evidence yet that a new version of the Apple smartphone is coming to AT&T in June.

Boy Genius Report confirms from multiple sources that AT&T has blocked its employees from taking vacations during the month of June. The only time the carrier has done this previously was for earlier iPhone launches. We know that the iPhone is due for a refresh and that it usually happens during the summer, but this is the strongest evidence to date that the new iPhone will arrive in consumers’ hands this June.

The new iPhone is rumoured to have a better camera and potentially a touch-sensitive case backing like the panel used in the Magic Mouse. Only time — and perhaps the rumor mill — will tell for sure in the coming months, so stay tuned.

What features do you want to see in the next version of the iPhone?

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