MySpace Upgrades Your Social Calendar

1 minute read

myspace If you’re one of those people who scribbles your plans for a given week on the back of the junk mail in your purse (totally not me…), then you could probably benefit from MySpace’s new platform.

Today, MySpace continues on its quest to distinguish itself as a place for entertainment and socializing with the addition of what is essentially a calendar that combines your events, your friends’ events, concerts and shindigs put on by your favorite artists and even events from your Facebook account. You can also buy concert tix from band pages and pages of other entertainers.

While the service itself could be a source of revenue for the company — advertisers can now buy sponsored event space inside the calendar — we’re not sure how much utility it will add for users.

Although MySpace does have a wide selection of events — nearly one million listings for 2010 — and is, in my opinion, the best place to check out bands, a tricked-out calendar just seems like another addition to an already crowded site.

What do you think? Will you use this service to get your life in order? Or will you stick to scrawling stuff on junk mail?

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