Chat with malcode

It’s time for your daily dose of “spot the fake program / avoid the fake program”.What is it this time? Well, if you have family members who are into webcams…

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FakeAV, now for Windows 7!

It’s been over a year since we first started seeing the familiar Windows XP My Computer page where it appears your drives are being scanned and it reports a bunch…

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Mariposa botnet take down

Readers may well have read some of the news stories posted after yesterday’s news concerning the take down of the “Mariposa” botnet. So what is Mariposa?Mariposa is the name given…

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The Internet as a moral ground

“…in that space one can easily indulge in depravity, lies, vulgarity...”Here’s a sort of comment about the Internet that you don’t see much in the news.The Russian government news service…

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Malicious iframes on Google-analitics(dot)net

Right! A site registered in the state of “Taliban.”You’re really going to go to a site with this registration: Nice work SANS.Thanks to Daniel Wesemann at SANS:

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