A Perfect Valentine’s Day

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Planning a romantic Valentine’s Day for your loved one? Is there is no end to all that you can do to add even more sparkle this dreamy day? Perhaps a bottle of wine, flowers, or a lovely gift to impress him/her—and if you aren’t with anyone, there are even dating services available that provide you with options to meet a date.
As Dermot Harnett mentioned in A Brilliant Proposal: Stay Away from Valentine’s Day Spam!, for spammers, Valentine’s Day is a great target. We’ve observed several spam email message styles related to this upcoming event. Gift options, flower delivery, dating service, med spam to spice up your relationship, and much more.
Here are some common header lines that Symantec has tracked relating to Valentine’s Day:
From: ValentineGift From: Valentine's Day-Gift From: “Valentines”@>@>@>
Subject: Valentines for Couples.
Subject: A Valentines gift for Two
Subject: Act fast, Valentines is near.
Subject: For Him and Her, remember Valentines is close
Subject: Get it for her
Subject: Get it for him
Subject: What a Wild Valentines Gift
Subject: Something sepcial for both of you
Subject: A Valentines PowerPack
Subject: The Valentines Power Promo is On!
Subject: Remember her on Valentines
Subject: Valentines day is fast approaching
Subject: Did you remember valentines day?
Subject: Don’t forget valentines day
Subject: Gifts ideas for Valentines Day
Subject: Intimate Couples Valentines Gifts.
Subject: A Valentines gift for Two
Subject: A Valentines to Remember Forever.
Subject: Need a Valentines PResent?
Subject: Special Valentines GifPacks
Subject: Special Valentines Offer
Subject: What a Wild Valentines Gift
Subject: You can give a great gift!
Subject: Valentines Day Special
Subject: [FREE-Vase with your-Valentine’s-Flowers, only $19.99]
Subject: , Get your gifts in time for Valentines!
Subject: Valentine’s Gifts 72% Off

The appeal of Valentine’s Day is universal, and if you thought that Valentine’s Day is only a boom day for English language spam, think otherwise. Symantec has found samples in various languages:

Sample 1: Product spam

From:  “[Removed] Wine” [Removed] [email protected][Details Removed]
Subject: Stand out this Valentine’s Day with [Removed] Wine

Sample 2: Chinese dating spam

From: “[Details Removed]” [email protected][Details Removed]
Subject: 情人节还要一个人过吗?来这里找个朋友吧

Subject: Still alone for Valentine’s day? Come here and find a date.

Body Translation:
Please come here and gather with us if you are a lonely single man or woman who is looking for another half eagerly!
We provide solutions if you feel lonely.
Leave your contact details! Maybe he (she) is waiting for you! ! !
http://www.[Details Removed]/

Sample 3: Russian product spam (Randomization in subject line)

From:  [Details Removed]
Subject: Oтличный пoдaрок нa день влюблeнных

Otlichny podarok nA day vlyublennyh
Body Translation:
[Details Removed]
Congratulations with Valentines Day!
Contacts: [Details Removed] …
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