Naked elves distract nerds

less than 1 minute read

What’s the best way to distract an online gamer while you drop some undesirable files onto their system? We saw what’s probably a pretty effective method today in Troj/Lneage-A. This particular Trojan leaves the user viewing a slideshow of topless elves while it drops a file designed to steal their gaming info. Given that the vast majority of MMORPG’ers are male, and bless them they’re often a little bit lonely, dazzling them with a variety of images of well endowed half naked elves (I think they’ve had some work done to be honest) should be enough to keep them entertained while the malware authors do whatever they fancy in the background.

Now in fairness there are quite a few female gamers out there too, but as yet I’ve not seen any decent equivalents for distracting us. Maybe a few well endowed male World of Warcraft orcs would open up a whole new world of possibilities for malware authors. There’s a market niche there they’re leaving unexplored.

Best thing to do though, really, is always be very suspicious if nekkid ladies show up unexpectedly on your machine.

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